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      Staying clean on your sporting journey

      We’re here to help athletes through the highs and lows of their sporting career.


      Check medications
      and stay clean.

      Many medications may contain prohibited substances, stay safe, safe clean, check them in Global DRO.

      Not knowing is
      no excuse.

      All athletes are advised to be vigilant in using any supplement as they could receive a four-year ban.

      The testing process

      Athletes can be tested, any time, any place. Testing is intelligence-led and risk-based, however it will always be conducted with ‘no advanced notice’. Find out?everything you need to know about the testing process here.

      Helping athletes reach their dreams

      UKAD has programmes in place to help coaches and parents support their athletes.

      Delivering public confidence in clean sport

      UK Anti-Doping is the national organisation dedicated to helping athletes to understand and follow the?rules.